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Life at Telecom Training Center is very different and gives you a unique experience of campus life. The students who come here to gain knowledge do not only get an education, but also many opportunities to take part in sports and other activities which will help them to develop an all round performance develop interpersonal skills. There are many clubs and societies that look into organizing and coordinating extracurricular activities. Other than that, the huge sports ground available and the indoor sports room encourages students to actively participate in sports activities.

Clubs and Societies

TTC has many clubs and societies that function actively. Mostly the BTEC HND students take the initiative in forming these clubs as they stay in the Training Centre for about two years. However, other students also take part in the events organized by the societies. These student clubs organize a variety of events including entertainment events and fund raisers such as car washes etc.

Each batch enjoys going on a batch trip every year. They get involved in organizing annual get togethers, freshers' welcome etc Further they also engage in community development and other social activities such as blood donation campaigns etc.


Our students have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of sports activities while studying at our training centre. They not only gain knowledge here, but also enjoy their leisure time by engaging in various sports activities. They are free to wander around in the sports ground during their free time. They actively participate in sports such as cricket, volley ball, football and many others. Further they also get the opportunity to play indoor games such as carom, table tennis, and others. A spacious area is allocated for the grounds in Welisara and Moratuwa which also contain indoor sports rooms. Further the students can also make use of the fully equipped gymnasium facilities available at TTC Welisara.

The sports council is in charge of looking into all sports activities. They assist and guide the students whenever help is required, especially in organizing annual sports events such as sports festivals, cricket tournaments etc.


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